Sealant and Wax ( Protective Coating)


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Enviro-Shield is a true paint sealant with mild-cleaning properties. It seals and protect under a crystal clear barrier of cross-linked polymers. Dirt, moisture, oil and UV radiation are all sealed out of the paint to maintain gloss. It is a spray sealant that provides the durability and protection of a wipe-on sealant and the ease of application of a quick detailer but it is not a hybrid of the two- Enviro-Shield is a new type of product that seals and protect using just drops per vehicle.

Enviro-Shield is not a short-cut product. It is a state of the art, stand alone spray sealant that provides real, durable protection for paint, plastic trims and wheels. This is a last step product, not a maintenance product. After polishing with Duragloss AIO, apply and walk off.

Enviro-Shield is a crystal clear in the bottle and on the paint. Applied very thinly, it will not streak or cloud. Simply spray, wipe on and walk away, leaves no residue to buff off.

In the final analysis, Enviro-Shield is unbeliveably easy to apply, provide excellent durability and protection.

 Size: 236ml

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