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Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine 281

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Leaves a water-repellant, high gloss finish!Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine Is a solvent based formulation designed to restore the luster and beauty to tires. It gives an Ultra High Gloss to Tires. Duragloss WLTS leaves a "Wet Look", water repellant finish with one application.

Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine is a solvent-based dressing, which gives it superior resistance to moisture and a dramatic high gloss finish. Your tires will have a deep black luster and a wet-look that is distinctly Duragloss. The finish will withstand rain and exposure to moisture to maintain a sharp, “well-dressed” look.Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine makes rubber look blacker and brightens the appearance of white lettering to make tires stand out.

The high gloss finish is a gorgeous complement to a Duragloss shine on the paint.Apply Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine to clean, dry tires. We recommend spraying the dressing onto a Tire Dressing Applicator to avoid overspray. Then spread a thin, even coat over each tire. Apply multiple coats if desired.For a dramatic, wet-look shine on all types of tires, use Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine.

Size: 650ml trigger spray

Duragloss Wet Look Tire Shine 281