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Duragloss water spot removal 505

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Wipe away fresh mineral deposits!

Duragloss Water Spot Remover is a proprietary formula, which safely removes water spots (normally calcium and magnesium deposits found in most water) without removing durable polishes. Duragloss WSR will not remove water spots that have etched into paint or glass.

Duragloss Water Spot Remover is a spray-on, wipe-off formula that allows you to wipe away mineral deposits resulting from hard water. These spots are recognizable by white or chalky rings that make the paint appear cloudy. Water spots occur because calcium and magnesium remains on the vehicle after water evaporates. If not removed, these minerals can permanently etch paint and glass.

Wipe away water spots instantly with Duragloss Water Spot Remover. This remarkable formula eliminates mineral deposits on top of the paint without removing durable paint protection. Many water spot removers are full of harmful chemicals that strip wax and even paint if left on long enough! Duragloss Water Spot Remover is safe to use on paint and glass, and it will not remove durable waxes and sealants.

Duragloss Water Spot Remover may eliminate the need to polish the paint and glass by removing water spots before they etch the surface. Once etched, water spots on glass are nearly impossible to remove. Duragloss Water Spot Remover safely cleans the glass before any permanent damage is done.

Duragloss Water Spot Remover cannot remove etched water spots. The only means of removing etchings is polishing. Duragloss WSR is a nonabrasive way to remove mineral deposits before they etch your vehicle.

To use, spray the affected area and let it sit for a few seconds. Wipe with a microfiber towel.

Duragloss Water Spot Remover is a safe and effective method of eliminating water spots on paint, clear coats, and glass.

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Duragloss water spot removal 505