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Duragloss Ultimate Orange 461

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An all-purpose citrus cleaner!

Duragloss Ultimate Orange is a blend of specially formulated cleaners that penetrate, emulsify and remove all traces of soil. It is safe to use and can be mixed with water in various concentrations to clean many types of soiled surfaces.Use Duragloss Ultimate Orange full strength to degrease the engine bay or to clean whitewalls and trim. The concentrated formula uses the power of citrus and special cleaners to degrease the dirtiest parts of your vehicle easily. Instead of a strong chemical smell, Duragloss Ultimate Orange has a pleasant citrus fragrance.Dilute Duragloss Ultimate Orange with water to use on more sensitive materials, like carpet and upholstery.

The amazing citrus degreasing agent in Duragloss Ultimate Orange cuts through grease and grime that has been tracked inside your vehicle. It leaves surfaces completely clean with a nice citrus scent.Use Duragloss Ultimate Orange to remove excess wax from exterior trim and moldings, and to clean vinyl convertible tops. This concentrated citrus cleaner can be diluted to safely clean and degrease a wide variety of automotive surfaces and materials.Clean and degrease your vehicle’s dirtiest surfaces with Duragloss Ultimate Orange.

Size: 946ml

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Duragloss Ultimate Orange 461