Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner 451

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Foaming action lifts stains without soaking carpet!Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner Is a blend of surfactants, which gently foam away soil, oil and grease from fabric and carpet surfaces. Spot cleaning can be done without leaving rings on fabric and velour.

Duragloss’s unique foaming formula cleans interior surfaces without leaving them wet or with moisture rings around treated areas. Within minutes of cleaning the interior, your vehicle is ready to be driven. Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner is quick, easy and dependable. What more could you ask for in a carpet cleaner?Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner is safe and effective on vinyl, carpet, velour, and fabric. Only mild agitation with a carpet brush is needed to remove most spots and stains. The surfactant formula actively surrounds and suspends soil. This technology is proven effective on greasy or oily stains, which are usually the toughest to remove. They’re no problem for Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner.Treat the entire carpet or just problem areas; Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner doesn’t soak the carpet and therefore doesn’t leave a telltale ring around the treated area.

This is an excellent product for professional detailers. It works quickly and the seats are dry within minutes.To use, spray the desired area. Wait 1-2 minutes for the foam to penetrate the spot. Use our Carpet & Upholstery Brush to agitate the area and then blot with a clean, dry towel.Use Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner to quickly clean vinyl, fabric, and carpet without saturating fibers and without leaving moisture rings. This is proven cleaning technology from Duragloss.

Size: 562ml aerosol

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Duragloss Fabric & Carpet Cleaner 451